Co.Co Place has brought back the fun to what can sometimes be a lonely grind as a solo business owner.
The network and knowledge gained from working amongst fellow Co.CoNutters is enormous. It has simply improved our way of working. The benefit of social interaction (whilst respecting each others time and work commitments) is invaluable.
Bouncing off like minded people and sharing skill sets. Within one week of coworking I was blown away.
Coworking makes your work place fun and creative.
The best workplace on the Peninsula. Working at Co.Co place has tripled my business. Coworking in this environment is not only productive, but fun and rewarding. Go CoCoNutters!

Working from home I realised I felt disconnected and isolated so started working from CoCo. Finding the energy here absolutely awesome! Great collaborations with great people in a great space. Getting more shit done than ever too. If I had another hand I’d give it 3 thumbs up.


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Over 1m people are coworking worldwide

71 percent of participants reported a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space, while 62 percent said their standard of work had improved.

- DeskMag Global Coworking Survey




Co.Co Place is an ecosystem of businesses and individuals that compliment each other. Reingivorate and organically inspire each other. Working alongside others with an entrepreneurial spirit just lifts you. Coworkers often find that working in a coworking space boosts their self-confidence, as spaces are filled with a supportive community that enables creative collaboration. Working from home can be lonely and isolating, coworking gives you the best of both worlds if you want.

“A great coworking space has to be a community, not a commodity”. - Gregoire Gilbert


The most rewarding benefit. So what does this mean? Paying back your social capital to other coworkers. Sharing knowledge, expertise and networks for free. Learning about new tools and new ways of doing things that could benefit your business and those around you. Come in with an open mind and come out knowledge rich.


Coworking is a more effective way of networking, being more closely exposed to opportunities with other businesses as they arise. Valuable professional relationships are easily formed. When two businesses organically start working on a project together or develop an idea to collaborate a new service or product line, this is the stuff goosebumps are made of.

save money with greater flexibility

Work in a well designed space that you usually couldn't afford to buy or lease and fitout yourself. No lease commitments that cause added stress to a startup or growing business. Save money on overheads, you bear no responsibility for utilities and hidden bills that stack up when renting your own office or warehouse.


It's contagious, just like yawning. When others are working hard around you and achieving wins in their business, an amazing positive energy illuminates causing you to be inspired and productive. Concentrate on building your business rather than just working in it. Some professionals use Co.Co Place to work on their business and escape their physical operations so they can dedicate time to growing and making effective changes.


With minimal office overheads and limited commitment you can keep up the lifestyle you strive for and the reasons you reside on the Mornington Peninsula. So if you duck out for a surf or a game of golf, none of your coworkers care or judge you, they'll high 5 you on the way out.


Designed by an architect whom specialises in creating productive and inspiring human environments. Premium desks and work areas balancing Mornington Peninsula design. Work somewhere that will inspire you. At Co.Co Place we have a professionally designed indoor plant fitout to keep our working environment fresh and healthy, with a roaring fireplace to make you feel at home.


Particularly for start-ups + growing business. Committing to a day of coworking makes you value yourself and your idea. Additionally you attach a premium + 'take me seriously' vibe to your brand.


Sometimes working by yourself at home, within a small team or from a standalone office you can feel disengaged with others. Most importantly, in amongst all the productivity we have fun. Lots of bad jokes, banter and questionable table tennis skills, we get excited about going to work again.